Dave, James and Andrew having a little fun after class with the Jo.

The club practices Jo-Kata 1 with Jill Neilsen Sensei leading the class. afterward, Dave Organ talks a bit about the point of the kata; specifically the leading of energy – or ki.

During an informal chat, Jill Neilsen Sensei and Dave Organ Sempai trade ideas on general staff use and principles.

Dave Organ discusses his opinions about the concepts of jo use during an informal theory yak-yak near the end of class.

Dave’s second-last class at K-W Ki Aikido; with his dear friend Anne taking pictures. This is just a brief montage of what goes on in our weird and fun little club. Oh – and Mike’s first successful roll from a technique is in there as well, so good work to him!
Sensei and her son Joel

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